Backyard Trivia

Backyard Trivia is a monthly trivia game that I began writing for my friends in 2021. It's designed to be played cooperatively as a group and allows players to move through the questions at their own pace. It takes about 45-60 minutes to play and is a great excuse for gathering friends to share a few laughs!

Each game is built around a theme where the first round has something to do with that general theme, but the questions are mostly general trivia. The answers in the second round are related to each other via a secret theme or pattern that players will try to discover. Round three is a special round with special rules. And round four is a category round where players are given a category and try to name six things that belong in that category. High score is 100.


Manage a Taproom?

It's Trivia That Doesn’t Take Over Every Table

Backyard Trivia is a great alternative or addition to a more traditionally hosted trivia night.

Here's how is works: 

If you want cards for your taproom reach out via our contact page and we will send you some!