Age of the guild: Special Mushrooms Unit

1 Host + 3-5 Players  |  1.5-2 hours   |  Ages 18+

Age of the Guild: Special Mushrooms Unit is a rules-light RPG that is focused on roleplaying and rolling dice. It takes place in a world of elemental crystals. Magic mushrooms grow on these crystals and take on properties of earth, water, air and fire. Humans and fungi evolved symbiotically, so everyone has a mycilial network of elemental fungi integrated into their bodies. Because of this, humans have special abilities like breathing under water, being impervious to heat, regenerating limbs and having light but durable bones.

You'll play as characters from The Order of Mycology, sent to investigate a Night Tangle infestation at a local farm. Your adventure begins with brunch at Astrid and Dotty's Organic Farm, Inn & Tavern. Dotty will provide you with a map of the area and ask you to introduce yourselves.

You'll work together as a team to explore the Magic Mushroom Factory run by the evil Table Company, engage with the Tektonic Brothers Mercinary Guild (a.k.a. Tek Bros), fight Rock Monsters, and maybe even venture into the Shadow Realm. You'll meet colorful characters along the way and be able to search for Magic Mushrooms that make you big, or tiny, and heal you back to full health.

The whole story story lasts two hours, but plays pretty fast-paced throughout.