The King is tired of partially tiled walls littering his palace and demands you build a fully tiled wall or he will close down all the tile factories. Use your prestige points to re-open factories. Your goal is to complete your entire wall before the King closes down all the factories.


Setup like normal with five factories.

How to play

Taking Tiles

Whenever you take tiles from a factory, move the remaining tiles clockwise into the next factory that has tiles in it.

If there are no other factories with tiles, discard all remaining tiles back into the bag and proceed to end of round scoring.

Placing/Scoring Tiles

You’ll place tiles on your board and score your tiles as normal.

End of Round

At the end of each round, remove one factory.

Before the next round begins, you can spend ten prestige points to reopen a factory. 

How to WIN

Your goal is to completely fill your board with tiles before the king closes down all the factories.

For an extra challenge you can play without rotating the remaining tiles in a factory. Instead, you will just discard them.