A cooperative variant for Catan by Klaus Teuber, designed by me, J Tags Tarpey.



Work together to build and connect harbor cities to a city at the center of the island, but you'll have to deal with Catanzilla (a monster that wanders around the island, destroying everything in its path).


Setup like normal (this includes receiving resources from the second settlement you place on the board).

How to play

Take turns as normal, but after you roll for resources on your turn, you must move Catanzilla before collecting resources.

Moving Catanzilla

Special Situations for Moving Catanzilla:


On your turn, you may only trade with players that have at least one city or settlement connected via a roadway to one of yours.

In this example, blue and orange may trade with each other.

Victory Points

Keep track of Victory Points as normal (including logest road and largest army), but no one can have more than 5 VP than any other player.

If something happens so that someone has more than five VP than another player, that player must downgrade a city or destroy a settlement to rectify the situation.

How to Win

Each player must build a harbor city that is not immediately adjacent to another player's harbor city.

To win, each of those harbor cities must be connected via a roadway to a city that borders the center tile.


Increase the difficulty by increasing the number of segments Catanzilla moves each turn from one to two, or three!

You can also add rules around trading like only allowing one-to-one trades.